About our kennel

Brit Artemis Kennel is a consequence of participating in kennel, which my mother founded in 1999. At that time there were 3 Yorkie in the house. After one of the first litters, when I was 8, I got my own small crumb.
This aroused in me a real passion for cynology. Suzanka  had 11 wonderful years with me. It was a small dog weighing only 1.5 kilos, which accompanied me through the best children’s years.

In 2004 I got a second puppy of the same breed and from that time I stopped to watch and cheer my mother on the shows, and I started to take an active part in them.

Taking part in the exhibition through these years I saw many beautiful breeds, but my heart was stolen by Old English Sheepdogs. However, a small flat in the center of Warsaw did not create the right conditions for a large dog.

And so in 2016, having my own house, the decision was made to buy the puppy of this breed.

Along with my husband, we became dog parents, acquiring the Old English Sheepdog – Oanka, which became our apple of eye.
Captivating in this breed is their beauty, intelligence and warm disposition.

After a few months, we bought a second dog – Zuzia (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), a small feisty ball, which introduced a little madness into the house. Despite the large difference in weight, girls are the best friends: both are very similar in character, wise, obedient, always joyful.

We are a family kennel in which our dogs are the most important for us and treated as family members. We love our dogs and devote a lot of time and attention to them, they are great companions and thanks to them we meet new “dogs”. We do everything to develop well and socialize well from the first months.

Our dogs come from carefully selected kennels and are tested
to be able to say with a clear conscience that we have done everything to make puppies from our kennel Brit Artemis free of defects and diseases.

Each litter is carefully planned, the parents of future puppies are selected not only in terms of beauty but above all in terms of health and character. The puppies are raised in a homely atmosphere, which promotes socialization and pays off in excellent life.

 We belong to the Zwiazek Kynologiczny w Polsce (ZKwP), the only one
recognized cynological organization associated in international
kennel federation FCI.